4X4 SNORKEL for the FORD RANGER - PX & PX II All Diesel Models 08/2011 Onwards


ss982hp armax ford ranger safari snorkel px ii



Safari offer a range of products not only limited to the traditional Safari Snorkel. 
From Safari V-Spec Snorkels to give you the protection that your 4x4’s engine needs and deserves to high flowing Safari ARMAX performance snorkels that have been specifically designed to give your 4x4 the air flow that it needs to work in conjunction with other engine modifications.

Safari also offer an engine management solution for increased engine power and torque levels. This gives you the power that your 4x4 deserves for everyday use and can also help you tow heavy loads with ease.
Each Safari ARMAX ECU (Engine Control Unit) is calibrated specifically to suit your vehicle whether it is standard of to suit the modifications that your vehicle has.

Safari ARMAX ECU’s are completely reversible and offered as a ‘plug-and-play’ solution.

Safari Snorkel - Ford Ranger 4x4 Snorkel for PX All Diesel Models 08/2011 Onwards